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AEMON provides complex software development services. We create backend's transaction services for one of the biggest bank in Poland, websites, mobile and dekstop applications, and many others.

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Our developers use most modern technologies. There is very long list of tools, frameworks, languages, templates and schemes we use every day. If you want to create a complex shop website, choose us. If you need just an simple company page we can also help you. We've got necessary experience and skills.

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We use Spring, Hibernate, JPS, JPA and any other suitable frameworks.


Embedded systems, Transaction Processing, OpenCV and OpenGL projects are also well known to us!

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We create appropriate site for your business.

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We provides full support if choose us. We are in touch 24/7!

Scissors, Paper, Rock Game!

RPS game used Open-CV library to image recognition. After start of the game, application requires a photo of your hand as a sample.

When the game starts (you are able to play in two different modes, versus computer and versus other person. In vs. computer mode, computer draw its choice. In vs. other person mode, the camera image is divided into two pieces, only for hands).

[KCK] Kamień, papier, nożyce from clsbartek on Vimeo.

Application takes a photo, change it to HSV representation and starts to recognize a skin(it use Mahalanobis distance algorithm).

[KCK] Kamień, papier, nożyce. 1vs1 from clsbartek on Vimeo.

After that,it choose the biggest part of skin, and check how many deformation is on it(for rock – 0, scissors 2-3, paper > 3)

[KCK] Kamień, papier, nożyce from clsbartek on Vimeo.


Smom24 - your space in web!

Website for Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa "Osiedle Młodych" .

Website allows dwelers of association to check their's rent and components of them. It allows also to register them in system and communicate with them via internet


Bank Zachodni WBK - tuxedo developer

Support for Bank Zachodni WBK .

Support provides Oracle Tuxedo Middleware Framework development, services promotion, and implementation.

Bank Zachodni WBK is third biggest Bank in Poland.


ROPS-ECTS for Poznan University of Technology.

Website for Poznan University of Technology..

Website provides ECTS cards and register of programs of studies for lecturers and students at University

Poznan University of Technology is one of the best University in Poland.


APILIA Marciniak-Parchimowicz

Cooperation with APILIA Marciniak-Parchimowicz..

Many projects including tuxedo services and support.


Samples of code.

Code samples available at GitHub..

There are samples of four projects:

  • Queue Module - linux kernel module implements simple queue.
  • R-P-S Game - Rock-Paper-Scissors game using OpenCV, image recognition.
  • Snake-3D - OpenGl and Windows API game.
  • TextComunnicator - text communicator working in company intranet. Developed with use of ncurses, threads and sockets.

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